Advanced mmWave Network in the City of Bradford, UK


The City of Bradford is the 4th largest metropolitan district in England, located in West Yorkshire. With a population of more than 1.5 million residents, the city is the sixth-most populous local authority district in England. Home to several large national and international businesses, such as Morrisons, Pace Plc and Hallmark Cards as well as large financial institutions. Gigabit connectivity is an essential business enabler for this ecosystem of businesses.

Connexin a company specialising in building and operating award winning Smart City Infrastructure to support the Internet of Things has made a commercial investment in support of a high-bandwidth network infrastructure in the City of Bradford. This is to support future applications such as high speed Fibre Wireless Access (FWA), Public Safety, Smart Traffic Management, Smart Waste Management, City Wide Public Wi-Fi Network and more. All of this serves to help fuel economic development, social inclusion and provide residents and businesses with a safer, better place to live and work.


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