Bar-Ilan University Israel Chooses Siklu’s 5G mmWave for Multi-Gigabit Campus Connectivity

Bar Ilan

The Bar-Ilan Smart City Center, which cooperates with high-tech companies, 20 local Israeli authorities and a further dozen cities worldwide, recently hosted Israel’s Minister of Communications, Yoaz Handel, who requested a demonstration of the alternatives for deploying an innovative network on campus, such as those implemented by smart cities in Israel and abroad.

In the course of the minister’s visit a discussion was also held on the present need to supply quick communication solutions for setting up open-air lecture areas around the campus according to COVID-19 restrictions. The existing campus Wi-Fi network was unable to deliver the required speed and quality, and with fiber access being limited, additional trenching would have been disruptive, cost prohibitive and too time consuming. The chosen solution is based on mmWave wireless technology, enabling swift installation without compromising on the speed and reliability typical of fiber optic connections.


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