Buena Park Police Go Wireless with Mission Critical Network


Public safety and crime prevention are of critical importance to the City of Buena Park. For Buena Park this is addressed with public video security and readily available emergency call boxes, or “Code Blue’s”.

The concept of expanding the existing video security network was straight forward. However actually putting the cameras where they were needed and still connecting them into the main video monitoring center at the police station was not a simple task. The cameras and Code Blue call boxes had to be spread out throughout the Entertainment Zone, typically where there was no copper or fiber available.
After careful review and consultation with Specialized Installations, an experienced integrator, mmWave in the 60GHz unlicensed band was chosen as the core technology in connecting the expanded video and Code Blue network. “This system has already proven it’s value. A theft from a vehicle occurred in our Entertainment Zone. An alert Watch Commander was able to quickly review the system and provide responding units with a digital image of the perpetrator while the officers were responding to the call. This technology is a game-changer.” said Gary Worrall, City Police Captain.


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