Camping and Broadband – Synergy Made Possible with mmWave


Two campgrounds in Northwestern Ohio has been a popular destination for families for years. But what they all have in common is the desire to stay connected and for that they need a broadband connection. “Getting away from it all” is not a message kids have ever heard or appreciate and parents are not far behind. After receiving numerous calls from campground renters to solve this issue, the owner of one such campground decided this was a problem that needed to be resolved.

The challenge of course is how to deliver these services to what can be thought of as rural beyond rural. The initial thought was to run a fiber connection to each trailer/camp site. This was quickly deemed untenable.
Today campers arrive at their nature retreat, set up the trailer or campsite, and go online just as they would at home using Siklu mmWave Gigabit solutions.


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