City of Jerusalem


Siklu, a global leader in Fixed 5G mmWave technology for Gigabit Wireless Access, Smart City and security networks today announced its core and access network equipment have been deployed in an ongoing project for the city of Jerusalem, Israel which will become one of the largest municipal networks in the world.

Adopting a cost effective multi-service approach, Jerusalem’s new wireless broadband infrastructure, known as a “Gigabit wireless access” (GWA) network, will provide high-speed Internet service in public spaces and municipal buildings and to educational institutions, of which 30 have been connected to date. The network will also connect thousands of security, traffic control and parking management cameras at speeds ranging from hundreds of megabits to 10 Gigabits (10Gbps).

As in other cities around the world, GWA is needed to bring smart city services everywhere in Jerusalem, as fiber optic deployment throughout the city is very limited. A GWA network is a more expedient solution as the addition of new fiber optic lines would involve lengthy and expensive trenching work, vehicular traffic disruption and an overall nuisance for local residents.


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