Cruzio and One Wheel / Future Motion High Tech in Surf City


Future Motion is a high-tech startup based in Santa Cruz, California, a beach town just a short drive from the heart of Silicon Valley. Future Motion makes the Onewheel, an innovative powered board that is ridden like a skateboard but with one wheel and a suite of technology “bridging recreation and transportation.”

Santa Cruz is far from your typical small town, but until recently it did have one thing in common with a lot of communities of its size - it lagged a generation behind it’s larger neighbors in access to high-speed connectivity. Regional and national fiber and DSL providers don’t see a huge opportunity in Santa Cruz and as a result are slow to deploy, leaving gigabit access a hit or miss proposition for not just residents but business entities.

Many times this situation results in a young up-and-coming company being forced to relocate to a more densely populated area where gigabit connections are available at affordable prices. Hence the founders and much of the culture that the company was based on are uprooted and transported, all in search of affordable high speed internet access.

Searching for a way to remain in Santa Cruz, Future Motion reached out to Cruzio, a local ISP who was already leveraging mmWave wireless systems from Siklu to bring multi-gigabit access to the city.


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