Improving Network Infrastructure for Educational Institutions in Nigeria


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Like many parts of the world, Nigeria has an extensive history of wireless network development, particularly in the 5GHz band and the location of these campuses proved no exception. Siklu’s partner in Nigeria, Telcroft Technologies, did a survey of the area and
determined the amount of interference and noise would dramatically limit the capacity of another 5GHz network established for Delta State University.

To address the 5GHz noise problem, Telcroft decided to up its game by moving up in the frequency spectrum to the practically wide-open E-band (70/80 GHz), where there is 10GHz of available bandwidth and virtually zero interference
from competing radio or other electronic sources. In addition, E Band regulations in Nigeria have the benefit of being licensed, but at a much lower cost than traditional microwave – up to 90% less, while at the same time
delivering 2x or more throughput.

Read how the University students and staff enjoy the convenience of “bandwidth on the go” with Siklu’s mmWave.

Zero fiber and 3 full-duplex Gigabit links connected 3 campuses within 3 days! They now serve as the backbone for the enhanced network which integrates hundreds of access points and some point-to-multipoint radios deployed for intra-campus connectivity needs.


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