Drogenbos –Small Town using Big City Solutions


Drogenbos, a small municipality next to Brussels in Belgium offers the best of small town living. Light traffic, friendly residents and open spaces. Unfortunately, even small towns must fight crime and Drogenbos is no different in that respect. With an eye towards preventing incidents before they occur, the town has long been a proponent of video security. Several years ago they deployed a system of cameras operating on legacy wireless systems and traditional Coax cabling, however for a variety of reasons this system was no longer able to deliver on the key requirements for a wireless video security system – high quality, low latency, high capacity, secure and interference free.

The city had existing camera locations that were being upgrade with newer, more powerful and hence higher capacity (25Mbps each) cameras. The goal was to cover the middle of downtown with cameras as well as provide an overview of key intersections allowing not only preventive crime to be conducted but allowing traffic monitoring as well. A total of 14 Pelco cameras were deployed and connectivity options were limited. The existing 5GHz network was running out of capacity and running headlong into massive interference problems from using the 5GHz bands. The wiring for the old camera network was COAX and could not be upgrade for IP cameras of today. Fiber was considered, but what was deployed was old, needed expensive upgrades and finally did not reach all 14 camera locations.

The Network Factory was engaged with the city on identifying and defining a replacement system, and had used Siklu solutions in the past. The Network Factory brought in 802 Networks to assist in the design, specification and eventual implementation of a new high capacity, interference free 60GHz wireless network. The resultant system used multiple cameras – Pelco Optella 360/270 4 lens camera, PTZ with 20x zoom and bullet cameras – all operating at 12 frames per second and 1080P resolution. Connecting the cameras to the Pellco VMS at the police station was a mixture of Siklu EtherHaul™ (point to point) and MultiHaul™ (point to multipoint) systems.


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