Deploying Gigabits in the Desert to Support “Extreme E” Racing Event


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The “Extreme E” international off-road racing series was created to raise awareness of various aspects of climate change and holds competitions in remote parts of the world, such as in the Amazon rainforest or Arctic regions, to highlight the effect of climate change in vulnerable areas of the world.

The inaugural event for 2021 was held in Al ‘Ula, Saudi Arabia, which provided an excellent opportunity to demonstrate Siklu’s reliability in extreme conditions, such as protection against sand and dust.

NEP UK, a distributor for Siklu products based in the UK and a part of the NEP Group (the broadcast production partner for Extreme E), constructed a Gigabit wireless network transmitting HD video, audio and auxiliary signals from three remote locations around the track back to the main broadcast compound.

NEP completed installation, test and activation in less than 48 hours and the Gigabit-speed capacity provided by the EtherHaul™ radios was essential to the success of the operation. Download the case study to learn how it all came together!


Download the Case Study

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