Fibre Through the Air Technology Connects UK Military Base


BFBS Media Innovation is part of BFBS, which provides broadcast and media services to the UK Armed Services worldwide.
A vital part of the serving military, BFBS has been keeping the UK Armed Forces connected and in touch with home for 75 years. Wherever they are in the world, whatever device they’re on, BFBS technology solutions are proven in some of the most remote, physically tough terrains in the world.

Wi-Fi coverage is a fundamental communications requirement at most Armed Forces locations. For various practical reasons and given the nature of the current site, it was not practical to install cables to some key routes. During a discussion around the Siklu MultiHaul™ Point to Multipoint mmWave technology at a Purdicom open day, BFBS quickly realised that they had an opportunity to solve the issue of being unable to use pits and ducts for the military base project’s entire requirement. The Wi-Fi could be beamed through the air at super-fast speeds via a technology dubbed ‘fibre through the air’.

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