Irvine Valley College


Open campuses attract pedestrian traffic and vehicle traffic from off campus, making it difficult to set up and control anything close to a secure perimeter. This opportunity often turns criminal and is exploited with car break ins, hit and runs, bicycle theft and personal assault. Video security is a powerful tool and one the IVC Police Department used, however many of the trouble spots are outdoors in secluded areas. Parking lots being a specific trouble spot and one that most often had zero fiber or cable connectivity. Other outside areas such as parks and plazas also lack power and connectivity, be it fiber or cable, necessary for video cameras.

Running new fiber even when the disruption associated with trenching was viable, was still very expensive and not in the budget. The school, specifically the campus police, were searching for a way to expand the video security network, do it quickly, and do it at a cost they could afford.


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