Metranet Brings Gigabits for All to Brighton


Brighton like many towns in the UK was relying on Open Reach to upgrade Internet Access speeds to a Gigabits and to do so across the entire city. The approach taken by Open Reach was to use fiber. But there was just one catch – the fiber did not exist and would have to be deployed. Getting permits, approvals, and then actually doing the digging was expensive and time-consuming – sometimes years and tens of thousands of dollars/mile.

As UK Openreach stalled and failed to deliver the gigabits promised and interference in the sub 6GHz bands increased dramatically, Metranet turned to Siklu. Operating in the 60GHz and 70/80GHz mmWave bands with its automated network design tool allowed Metranet to serve Hundreds of businesses with over 400 connections throughout Brighton to date and growing.

Because Siklu delivered on the Gigabit promise, Metranet was able to use the Gigabit Vouchers from the LFFN program and is also planning to stay ahead of local operators by embarking on a new 10Gbps wireless Point-to-Point topology ring across the city built on Siklu.


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