Monkeybrains - A San Francisco ISP, Upgrades Small Buildings to Gigabit Connections with Siklu's Multihaul™


Monkeybrains, an innovative San Francisco based wireless service provider, serves over 5000 locations, with 25 new locations coming online every week. They are focused on bringing affordable, hassle-free, month-to-month internet service to the residents and businesses of San Francisco.

Monkeybrains is unique in its ability to install quickly, with minimal wait time from lead to install. Monkeybrains adopted Siklu’s MultiHaul™, a multi-gigabit point-to-multipoint system over 60GHz, unlicensed millimeter wave spectrum, to upgrade small multi-tenant dwelling units (MDUs) to gigabit connectivity. The MultiHaul™ enables Monkeybrains to deliver a profitable gigabit service to buildings with just a handful tenants, replacing sub-6GHz radios that are capable of providing only 30 Mbps.

Monkeybrains has been delivering gigabit services using Siklu equipment for a number of years. However, services were limited to large MDUs or premium customers. Customers located in smaller MDUs were still serviced with sub-6GHz radios, but the increasingly congested band was out of date with its 20-30Mbp.


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