Monkeybrains - A San Francisco ISP, Upgrades Small Buildings to Gigabit Connections with Siklu's Multihaul™


Monkeybrains, an innovative San Francisco based wireless service provider, adopted Siklu’s MultiHaul™, a multi-gigabit point-to-multipoint system over 60GHz, unlicensed millimeter wave spectrum, to upgrade small multi-tenant dwelling units (MDUs) to gigabit connectivity. The MultiHaul™ enables Monkeybrains to deliver a profitable gigabit service to buildings with just a handful tenants, replacing sub-6GHz radios that are capable of providing only 30 Mbps.

Monkeybrains has been delivering gigabit services using Siklu equipment for a number of years. However, services were limited to large MDUs or premium customers. Customers located in smaller MDUs were still serviced with sub-6GHz radios, but the increasingly congested band was out of date with its 20-30Mbp.


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