Siklu Delivers Public Safety and Public Wifi for the City of Cambridge, Ontario Canada


The City of Cambridge, like many municipalities was concerned about crime and the spread of drug use in downtown area with a particular concern for outdoor venues where people were congregating.

The city has fiber connections connecting several municipal buildings and continues to deploy more where it makes economic sense. However, this particular application, outdoor video security, was one that needed more flexibility to accommodate the necessary camera locations. Most parking lots, Intersections and pedestrian walkways do not have a fiber POP nearby. This meant the answer would almost certainly have to be a wireless solution.

The solution to be chosen had several additional requirements. It needed to be flexible when it came to expanding the video security coverage, it had to be secure and it also had to have enough capacity that it could support additional high bandwidth applications, ensuring the City stayed on the leading edge of Smart City Technology. One example could be a deployment of Public Wi-Fi. The wireless network would then need to be able to backhaul gigabit per second public Wi-Fi APs with no additional truck rolls.

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