Siklu Runs Security Gamut at NYC Marathon

NYC Marathon-1

50,000 brave participants in the largest marathon in the world ran the course from Staten Island to the finish line in Manhattan, after passing through Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. The mission was to aggregate the video surveillance set up to secure over one million spectators who lined the way down the five-borough course, the runners who ran the 26.4 mile-long route, and the associated venues of the NYC Marathon.

Siklu provided the main source of Gigabit connectivity for the interim security network set up by Virsig. Siklu’s 60GHz EH-600 wireless solution aggregated video surveillance for ultra-high camera resolutions with plentiful bandwidth, diminished latency and unfailing video transmission. Virsig installed Canon megapixel cameras in different parts of the city and park to provide public safety covrage for the emergency services, with mileston XProtect® video management software (MS) deployed for the event’s complex surveillance needs.


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