Siklu mmWave Wireless Helps Protect Lady Liberty

Lady Liberty

Many of our greatest treasure as a country are often natural environments, or monuments that are located in highly scenic environs. What they have in common is minimal availability of wireline connectivity to support video surveillance and other security systems. This is the situation for the Statue of Liberty located on Liberty Island in the NYC harbor.

Security on the island is supported by a large network of video cameras generating tens if not hundreds of Mbps of traffic. All of which needs to be off-loaded from the island to the mainland fiber network.

Siklu’s mmWave links, were used to connect Battery Park and Liberty Park to Ellis Island, and ultimately Liberty Island, allowing to greatly reduce the height requirements for the Statue’s wireless network. Due to the narrow pencil beams used in mmWave, the network’s radio connections can avoid heavy ship traffic of New York Harbor, and thus do not need to be mounted on hundred-foot towers. Additionally, the mmWave’s frequencies, along with the narrow beams, help to ensure that not only interference is not a concern for Statue’s network connections today, but it will never be an issue in the future.


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