RedBox Wi-Fi Deploys Siklu Terragraph


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RedBox Wi-Fi specializes in providing Internet connectivity to “greenfield” sites or venues (where internet connectivity does not exist) mainly for their clients, who are event organizers who run some of the largest and most prestigious events in the UK.
Constructing such networks in these venues can be quite a challenge, as frequently no infrastructure to support it exists.
Recently, the organizers of a large event turned to RedBox to set up a network on a farm in Lincolnshire that would support the necessary Wi-Fi connectivity for thousands of exhibitors and attendees, providing onsite video streaming used for information kiosks and on-stage presentations, and other events and additional services, such as CCTV based traffic monitoring and security.

Download the case study to learn how RedBox Wi-Fi delivered Wi-Fi traffic backhaul around the site to more than 100 hundred access points and other devices with Siklu’s new MultiHaul™ TG series which is a Gigabit speed, Terragraph-certified system.


Download the Case Study

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