Tampa Housing Authority Offers Gigabit Access

Tampa PBX

Like many in the age of COVID -19, we did not know how important high-speed Internet access really was until we needed to rely on it for everything. Doctor appointments, shopping, school, work, keeping in touch with loved ones and yes, even our hobbies were now conducted online. We have realized the term ‘Digital Divide’ is not just a rural affliction. Like COVID-19, poor Internet infrastructure knows no boundaries.

Ryan Yaldor, CTO of PBX-Change: “When we heard of the need for quality Internet in an underserved environment – underserved as it relates to Internet options as well as household income effected by COVID-19 - we quickly determined that a mmWave link with extremely high availability could solve this problem. We knew we could do it in weeks and at a fraction of the cost of laying new fiber.”

Read this successful Case Study about overcoming the Digital Divide during lockdown.


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