Deliver on your customer’s need for speed with the industry’s leading multi-gigabit solution 

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In the age of COVID19 with isolation and quarantining, being able to work or study remotely is not just a convenience it’s a necessity. Address the demands for massive increases in capacity head-on.

If you missed this fantastic offering last quarter, we are pleased to announce that the Kilo Series promotion is back and simpler than ever. With pricing for full kits its never been easier to purchase a complete link of an EtherHaul™ 2500 or 8010.

Don’t compromise on cost or quality - cash in on an unmatched price point today starting at $3,500 for a 2Gbps full-duplex mmWave link!  

EH2500 Promo


EH8010 Promo


  • The above is SP(Service Provider) or SI (Systems Integrator) price per Link.
  • Link includes two of each: ODU, Antenna, Bracket, PoE injector.
  • 10Gb/s Capacity upgrade is included for 8010 bundles.
  • 2Gb/s Capacity upgrade is included for 2500 bundles.
  • If the DL5 dual link antenna option is purchased an ExtendMM license is included.
  • The offer is valid till the end of Q4 or end of stock.
  • The promo is valid for the bundled links only: No special discount will apply on any component not purchased with the full bundle.

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