GA Webinar: The New Siklu MultiHaul™ TG

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Terragraph holds the promise of delivering Gigabits for all in communities that have never had true high-speed broadband, as well as applications connecting high bandwidth IoT devices such as video cameras and public Wi-Fi backhaul.

Watch this interactive webinar to learn how Siklu, the leader in mmWave systems for over a decade, has approached implementation of Terragraph to provide the most fully featured TG offering in the market. Co-presenting with Siklu was David Botha, Strategic Partnerships – Facebook Connectivity. On the agenda:

  • mmWave and Terragraph (TG) introduction
  • Key Applications and Use Cases
  • A brief review of TG history, where it is today and the prospects for tomorrow
  • Siklu's approach to TG and how it integrates with Facebook Connectivity existing systems
  • Overview of TG product
  • How to deploy TG with minimal upfront cost and maximum coverage.

Who should watch the webinar? Service Providers, Cities, System Integrators and anyone who understand that the future of wireless lies in Gigabit performance for all, and TG is critical component to reaching that goal.

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Shimon Hochbaum
Director of Product Management
David Botha
David Botha
Strategic Partnerships
Facebook Connectivity