Webinar On-Demand: Gigabit Backhaul and Fiber Redundancy with mmWave



Need to rapidly provide a fiber backup connection? Need to upgrade an existing, low capacity Microwave or legacy 5GHz link? Or maybe you just need the ability to bring multiple gigabits to a new location. 

Regardless of the precipitating event, if you are looking to massively upgrade your networks you will need to start with the core or backbone. If the core can’t handle what the access network, mobile cell site, Wi-Fi AP or just plain business broadband generates, the demand will crash the network.

Siklu is the leader in mmWave backhaul with over 60% market share.  We have the broadest portfolio of PtP gigabit solutions with the longest range.  When we add in our unique ExtendMM technology we enable 10Gbps capacity as far as 6 miles.

This webinar covers:

  1. Backhaul use cases overview:
    1. MW overbuild
    2. DSLAM BH
    3. Fiber backup
    4. Cost-effective dual-band solution
  2. Performance calculations
  3. Best installation practices
  4. LoS verification in different scenarios.
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Boris Maysel
AVP, Strategic Accounts
Luke O'kelly
RSD, Northen Europe