Gigabit for the Rural Community

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Often times when we use the term “rural” we think of wide open spaces with homes miles apart.  This is true to some extent and these communities need broadband just as much, if not more, than their urban and suburban counterparts.  But every rural community also has a main street with thriving businesses that need gigabit connections. Fast, reliable and economical deployment is crucial, especially where trenching fiber is almost unthinkable.

Today with broadband being defined as Gigabits, wireless systems have turned to mmWave as the only solution that can deliver.  Watch our webinar session and learn how to extend existing fiber optic assets fast to distances never considered before, as far as 10KM out of the box.

In this webinar, we’ve covered the following:

  1. Challenges and Possible Solutions
  2. Government Initiatives
  3. mmWave by Siklu
  4. Case Study – the City of Alamosa’s Gigabit wireless network
  5. Summary and Q&A

Josh Wehe​ from Jade Communications joined us to discuss his experiences in delivering next-day Gigabit internet to the city of Alamosa Colorado during the Spring Creek fire.

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David Sumi
VP of Marketing
Josh Wehe
Josh Wehe
Director of Network Operations
Jade Communications
Craig Burgess
RSD, Western US