Gigabits for All Brought to You by Siklu and Facebook

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Terragraph takes its place as the 5G technology best suited to deliver fixed Gigabit Wireless Access (GWA) for all

There is a new and exciting technology entering the Fixed 5G market – and its name is Terragraph.  Terragraph, backed by industry giant Facebook, has collaborated with leading mmWave vendors to build an ecosystem of OEMs.  Come learn more about Terragraph in this joint webinar exploring what it is, Siklu’s offerings, and how it can be used. Co-presenting with Siklu was David Botha, Strategic Partnerships – Facebook Connectivity:

  • Facebook presented an in-depth review of Terragraph and answered the simple question – “What is Terragraph?”
  • Facebook reviewed the ecosystem, what they are doing to promote/support it, and their goals for Terragraph.
  • Siklu concluded this session by reviewing several possible applications for Terragraph networks ranging from small cell backhaul, to GWA to Smart Cities.
  • Terragraph will represent Siklu’s 4th generation 60GHz product.  Learn more about Siklu and our industry leading mmWave portfolio.
  • A full Q&A session with most vexing questions addressed by the founder of Terragraph and the leader in 60GHz mmWave in one session.

Who should watch the webinar? Service Providers, System Integrators, Cities – anyone who sees the future as a Gigabit world and wants to be in the forefront of this revolution. 

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Shimon Hochbaum
Director of Product Management
David Botha
David Botha
Strategic Partnerships
Facebook Connectivity