IOT in the Gigabit World

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Gone are the days when IOT was defined as low data rate, low power, long range sensor applications.  As IOT has become part of our vocabulary exactly what it means has also evolved.  Today IOT includes high data rate applications such as Smart Roads and Video Security, devices that are plugged in, and ranges from miles to a few dozen feet.

In this webinar we've reviewed how 5G, both Fixed and Mobile, can play a role and explained the differences between the two for what some are calling IOT 3.0.

Wrapping up the session was a live Interview with Ronen Ben-Hamou, CEO of Siklu and IOT industry veteran who discussed these trends and what he sees in the future.

This webinar covers:

  • IOT 3.0 new Applications and Requirements
  • 5G Fixed and 5G mobile key features and applicability for IOT
  • Siklu Solutions
  • Actual Case Studies
  • Live Interview with Ronen Ben-Hamou
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Ronen Ben-Hamou
David Sumi
David Sumi
VP of Marketing