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mmWave Wireless Fiber for your Smart City and 5G Fixed Wireless Applications


Learn how to plan & deploy an interference free multi-gigabit network that goes farther and faster


Do you have a multi-gigabit network? Does it extend profitably and reliably beyond the reach of your fiber plant?


If you’ve been searching for a wireless solution that can deliver interference free multigigabit throughput and avoid the congestion of sub-6GHz, we have a perfect solution for you.


With Siklu’s field-proven mmWave end-to-end solutions you get performance as solid as fiber (but at the cost of wireless):

  • The largest choice of the smallest access and aggregation radios in PtP & PtMP configurations
  • Our Hundred Series of products designed for street level applications such as Video Surveillance and Smart Cities
  • Our Kilo Series product line targeting rooftop or tower deployments serving WISPs and backhaul applications
  • Interference free connectivity in the abundant 60, 70-80GHz spectrum
  • Multi-Gigabit capacity up to 10Gbps Full Duplex
  • Complete security, very low latency and 99.999% availability
  • The quickest and broadest planning tools portfolio for mmWave networks
  • Fast and flexible rollouts


Stop by for a live mmWave demo at booths #2508 (Syscom), #1516 (Alliance) and #2224 (Keybps) to find out why our customers have deployed over 80,000 Siklu units in over 150 cities.



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