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ExtendMM - Multi-gigabit Capacity for Miles and Miles

Delivering multi-gigabit mmWave capacity more than a few miles has seemed impossible until now. Approaches used today often include sacrificing availability or adding secondary links with huge cost increases and multiplying the complexity of the installation. To address these challenges and deliver multi-gigabit connections up to 6 miles (10km) or more Siklu offers ExtendMM. ExtendMM is a range extending solution that consists of custom Siklu software,  built in switches and PoE out support, plus a dual band 5GHz,70/80GHz antenna. One or more of these elements can be implemented, however when all three are used together Siklu’s ExtendMM solution delivers simple, cost effective, long range multi-gigabit connections.

ExtendMM at its heart leverages a secondary back up PtP link, be it 5GHz, or any licensed MicroWave radio. The solution automatically and seamlessly keeps the connection alive for those few seconds the primary link may degrade due to temporary RF impediments such as heavy rain.


Using a Siklu EtherHaul-Kilo product 70/80GHz radio with a secondary radio (for example: 5.8GHz, 11GHz, 18GHz, 23GHz or 24GHz radios) plus ExtendMM sw are all that it takes to deploy ExtendMM. With a single click it becomes possible to turn an EH Kilo product into a long range link that delivers the capacity your install base is demanding.

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