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Gigabit Wireless Security Connection Have Never Been So Minuscule


Security Means Discretion. And discretion in your wireless security network means using the smallest most robust Gigabit mmWave wireless radio on the market.

MultiHaul™ compact Terminal Unit (cTU) is the smallest mmWave wireless radio in the Smart Cities market, roughly the size of a smartphone.


cTU brings the advantages of reliable multi-gigabit capacity in the uncongested mmWave bands to a cost-effective pocket-size PtMP package.


The cTU is available in multiple color options, blending into existing surroundings while eliminating costly site preparations and long cable runs. 


Anywhere installation coupled with the self-alignment and auto-provisioning features, enables field-installs and commissioning in under 15min per link, reducing the TCO for Gigabit connectivity and providing an ROI often measured in months by offering an unbeatable Gb/$.


Meet Siklu at GSX Chicago, September 10-12, booth #1817 for a live demo!

Interested in references about Siklu? watch our testimonials video and learn why our customers have deployed over 80,000 units in 200 cities worldwide.


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