Wispamerica 2019: Go faster, go farther with Siklu’s multi-gigabit ExtendMM solution reaching 6 miles!

You already know that over 80K of Siklu’s GWA field proven solutions have been deployed globally. But as powerful as this solution is, many times it just needs to go a bit further, sometimes a whole lot further.  The classic wireless dilemma, the faster you go the shorter the range. No more. 


Visit Siklu at Wispamerica booth #225 and discover Siklu’s ExtendMM solution and how it can stretch your EtherHaul™ link farther.  

  • ExtendMM dual band antenna works with any 5GHz solution and is supported by all EtherHaul™ E-band products including our 10Gbps Full Duplex (FD) radio
  • ExtendMM software solution – built into every EtherHaul™
  • How ExtendMM supports just a single cable run simplifying installation and reducing cost


Siklu continues to be the leader in mmWave systems, offering the broadest portfolio of software tools, PTP, PMP and mesh products in the Gigabit Wireless market.                      


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