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Webinar: Best Practices in mmWave Deployments

While 5G is all the rage, many people are not familiar with the more practical aspects of deploying a mmWave network. Fixed Wireless Access delivering gigabit speeds can only be accomplished using the 60, 70/80GHz bands with 24GHz of available spectrum. Designing, deploying and maintaining these high speed networks is very different from what most WISPs are familiar with, the sub 6GHz bands.

In this interactive technical webinar, we’ll answer the following questions and cover mmWave deployment “how-to” facts:

  • mmWave characteristic comparison with traditional wireless transition
  • What’s the difference in achievable distance?
  • How is the equipment form factor related?
  • Planning guidelines and design considerations  
  • Practical implementation examples for SFUs, MDUs and Business Broadband
  • How to deploy – best practices in mmWave deployment

To learn more about mmWaves and how to get started with your own gigabit connectivity project register for the webinar today:


Tim Murphy
Professional Services Manager

Join our webinar “Best Practices in mmWave Deployments”  on 11/27 at 11 AM EST

Bring your questions and get ready to add this powerful, flexible multitool to your kit. Join us!


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