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GA Announcement: EtherHaul™ 8010FX R10.2 & AES - Advanced Features



Siklu is announcing the General Availability of the latest EtherHaul™ 8010FX software, R10.2, and of the AES model, delivering an impressive and important set of new features. These features make the migration to 10Gbps very simple by increasing where and how the leading 10Gbps mmW links can be deployed while enhancing the robustness of your network.

Join us and learn how Siklu’s EH-8010FX latest advanced features can benefit your deployment: 

  • Support for 2Gbps, 5Gbps or 10Gbps capacities, enables purchase of an initial small capacity and pay as you grow to the higher capacity when traffic demands
  • Flexible channel sizes from 250MHz up to 2000MHz allow more choices in frequency planning and addresses those countries that charge by the MHz
  • QoS awareness” ensures that important traffic will be given priority treatment through the radio link
  • AES encryption adds a layer of protection to the inherently secure mmW link for those critical locations and applications

This webinar is a must attend for both existing EH-8010FX users as well as those considering migration to a 10Gbps Full Duplex mmWave solution.

Register to the webinar: Siklu EH-8010 EtherHaul™ 8010FX Advanced Features.



Shimon Hochbaum, 
Director of Product Management, Siklu



Join our Introductory Webinar:  “Siklu EH-8010FX Advanced Features”  April 24, 11AM EST Join our Introductory Webinar:  “Siklu EH-8010FX Advanced Features”  April 24, 11AM GMT


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