Webinar On-Demand: mmWave Fills in the Digital Divide Chasm

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When people talk about the Digital Divide (or the lack of high speed internet – often called the “5th Utility”) often the focus is on rural communities and rightly so. Rural communities are among the least connected with distance and low housing density exacerbating the issue.  But DD is also prevalent in urban areas – with vast stretches of neighborhoods being served only by 5Mbps DSL if at all. If we rely solely on business cases using fiber as the solution, neither rural nor urban residents on the wrong side of the DD may be served due to a poor ROI using this solution.

mmWave solutions from Siklu, extending that fiber reach and performance at a cost that is one tenth or less than that of fiber is the only answer to this problem.  During this webinar we will explain the basics of mmWave, why it is the only truly multi Gigabit wireless solution available, and how Siklu has been filling in the DD in many cities across the globe. 

During this one-hour session we covered:

  • An overview of what is the DD and who suffers
  • A brief review of why people need gigabit broadband more than ever – what drives the need for speed
  • Siklu solutions that address this head-on
  • Case Studies highlighting both urban and rural successes

Dorothy C. Baunach from DigitalC also joined us as a guest speaker.

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Alex Doorduyn
AVP BD Smart Cities & Security
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Dorothy C. Baunach