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Get Started with Siklu's MultiHaul™ TG Starter Kit


Try now the most versatile, easy-to-deploy, multi-gigabit terragraph-certified wireless solution, which leverages a 60GHz wireless L2 mesh network specifically designed for your gigabit-speed applications.

360-degree coverage

A single unit that provides 360-degree coverage, the N366 provides up to 16 Gbps of capacity. The N366 also features built-in self-backhaul, autonomous L2 network self-healing ability and the industry’s most-advanced, cloud-based SaaS network design and implementation toolkit.


With the MultiHaul™ TG series, Siklu is lowering the cost of delivering Gigabit wireless access services to homes, businesses, and within Smart Cities Broadband IoT applications.

Gigabit for all

MultiHaul™ TG products operate in the widely available and license exempt 60GHz V-Band and deliver multi Gigabit throughputs. And now “Gigabits for All” is even more of a reality as Siklu’s third generation of multipoint 60GHz products is Terragraph certified.

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Siklu MultiHaul TG Starter Kit inside the box
TG FAMILY - Siklu 2022

The MultiHaul™ TG Starter Kit Includes:

  • MultiHaul™ TG N366
  • MultiHaul™ TG T280
  • MultiHaul™ TG T265
  • MultiHaul™ TG T260 
  • PoE injectors
  • Mounting Kits
  • 0.5 ft V-Band Antenna (for T280)

Starter Kit Part Number: MHTGSTARTER2022

*Valid from March 14th, 2022 until the end of Q2, 2022. For customers who have not previously purchased MultiHaul™ TG. While stocks last.  Available through Siklu Master Distributors only. One starter Kit per customer.

Leading E-Band vendors in the US and UK

Trusted by Industry Veterans

"We here at Webpass/ Google Fiber are extremely pleased with Siklu radios! And I couldn't imagine using anything else"

"Excellent equipment, support, and people. Great experience building a backhaul system, and PTP. Absolutely incredible what this company can do wirelessly."

"None of the other microwave solutions we examined delivered on all three parameters concurrently — capacity, installation speed, and cost"