MultiHaul™ TG Update Webinar: New Long Range T280 and New Features

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In the following webinar Siklu announced MultiHaul™ TG T280 and a host of new Terragraph certified features. This long-range Terminal Unit (TU) operates not only as a TU in a PtMP configuration, but can also be used in a PtP mode with a second T280 unit. T280 ships with capacity of 2Gbps aggregate (1 Gbps FD) from factory, and SW keys upgrade the capacity up to 5.5Gbps aggregate. Available with antennas of 0.5, 1 foot or a maximum of 2 feet the T280 extends Terragraph links to well over a quarter-mile in PtMP and a half mile in PtP applications.

In addition to the availability of our T280, several important software updates were designed to improve:
  • Ease of Use
  • Existing Network Integration
  • RF Diagnostics

As the leader in mmWave solutions, Siklu’s continued expansion of our Multihaul™ TG series assures customers that the reliability, performance and value they have come to expect are carried on in your networks. 

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Shimon Hochbaum
AVP Product Management
Alex Doorduyn
VP and GM, Americas