ResTech Services Deploys Siklu’s Terragraph-Compliant
MultiHaul™ TG in Madison, Wisconsin

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ResTech Services offers high-speed Internet to a variety of rental and condo communities in the Madison area. ResTech looked to expand their mmWave based offerings and selected Siklu new MultiHaul™ TG Terragraph- certified solutions, which are multi-Gigabit wireless radios, operating in the 60 GHz “V-band” and designed to meet the growing demand for reliable, high-speed Internet access in urban and suburban environments.

Download the case study to learn how ResTech leveraged the full potential of Siklu's MultiHaul TG N366 and now has a much more streamlined, scalable, and efficient network operation with simplified RF planning and headroom for growth allowing ResTech Services to efficiently and successfully install Siklu's Terragraph solution, lowering the total cost of deployment.


Download the Case Study

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