Siklu multi-Gigabit mmWave Fixed Wireless Solutions - Introduction with Minerva

2021 12 Siklu Minerva Webinar


Multi-Gigabit connections are no longer just for the core of your network. Gigabit speeds are now expected to reach all the way to the business or home – challenging the last mile infrastructure and wireless interference you have today. Mobile-backhaul, ad hoc networks, 4k streaming video, video security for smart city, mission-critical connectivity for power plants, and the ever-growing work-at-home community are all pushing and demanding that high-speed carrier-grade connectivity.

In this interactive webinar, we’ll answer the following questions and cover interference-free Gigabit Internet Access, as well as mobile backhaul connectivity challenges and deployment “how-to” facts:
  • mmWave characteristic comparison with traditional wireless transition
  • How to meet the bandwidth demand, including sample design steps
  • “Mission Critical” network criteria needed to protect vital assets such as bridges, ports and utility infrastructure
  • Cost effective alternative to traditional microwave or pulling fiber
  •  Best practices in mmWave deployment for operators, WISPs, and densest cities
  • Proven. Sample projects, such as Siklu’s world’s most deployed mmWave 10Gbps solution deployed over 12.5KM, Power Plants networks, and many more
  • Q&A

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Danny Ben-Simhon
Regional Sales Director, ME & Africa
Husein Katib
Business Development Manager