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Webinar: EtherHaul™ ExtendMM™ 2ft dual-band Antenna
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We invite you to watch Siklu's webinar session to learn webinar session about EtherHaul™ ExtendMM™ 2ft dual-band Antenna (EH-ANT-2ft-DL5), 

ExtendMM™ consists of the new 2ft 70/80GHz and 5GHz dual-band antenna, supervising intelligence and a built-in switch in the EtherHaul™ radios, with additional purpose-built accessories. This system of hardware and software easily and seamlessly combines a high-capacity EtherHaul™ link with an inexpensive, unlicensed, low capacity and lower frequency link. The net result is that customers can have confidence in engineering and extending their EtherHaul™ E-Band links to distances never considered before.



Shimon Hochbaum, 
Director of Product Management, Siklu

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