The Internet Grows Up - Gigabits Down to the Last Mile

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Gigabit connections are no longer just for the core of your network.  Gigabits speeds are now expected to reach all the way to the home or business – challenging the last mile infrastructure you have today.  Distance learning, 4k streaming video, ad hoc networks, and the ever growing work at home community are all pushing and demanding that high speed Internet Access.

How do you as a Service Provider deliver on this demand? It can’t be just fiber, no one has that much time and money.  Enter Fixed 5G wireless and the promise of Gigabits everywhere. Come learn about the latest advances in wireless and see how they are actually used in the real world to bring Gigabits to all.

In this interactive webinar, we’ve answered the following questions and covered Internet Access challenges and deployment “how-to” facts:

  • Recent developments in 5G standards
  • Wireless Internet Access – The past leading to the future
  • 5G mmWave options
  • Planning guidelines and design considerations
  • Implementation examples for SFUs, MDUs, Business, Rural and Industrial applications
  • What Siklu has to offer
  • Q&A

With the right blend of mmWave and fiber, you can cost-effectively deliver the Gigabits your Internet Access customers demand, at a price they can afford – and which your bottom line demands. 

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David Sumi
David Sumi
VP of Marketing
Tim Murphy
Director of Network Development
Luke O'Kelly
Director of Sales Northern Europe