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Attention Security Professionals: The Wireless Revolution is Finally Here

PtMP’s auto-alignment beamforming feature and installation is made simple, and can be a one-person job. POE capability makes out-of-the-box power a reality.

It wasn’t too long ago that security professionals were skeptical about installing a wireless surveillance network when a traditional fiber network was not an option. They would often cast doubt on whether a wireless video system would reliably work or that it would be too cost prohibitive to install for their customers.

However, like many solutions in the security market, technological advancements in wireless systems has put to rest these concerns thanks to the introduction of a reliable, easy to install and cost conscious solution that is also cyber-secure.

Point to multi-point (PtMP) millimeter wave (mmWave) wireless technology has arrived and this new platform is about to complete the wireless evolution that Point-to-Point (PtP) Millimeter Wave (mmWave) started few years back.

High definition cameras? Who is responsible for streaming it?

For years, security professionals have had only two options to transmit video: either fiber or traditional wireless. Fiber’s speed and reliability are great, but the price tag, time and disruption of its installation aren’t. At the same time, using traditional sub-6 GHz wireless technology for security networks can provide an affordable and flexible solution, but with a host of problems, like unreliable connectivity, limited bandwidth, poor latency, interference from other wireless networks and vulnerability to cyber-attacks.

For most, if not all security deployments, an unreliable wireless network is not acceptable. Security networks require always-on connectivity that will stream the real picture anywhere, anytime, whether it is during a non-event or a security disaster and from any type of HD camera, whether it’s 4K, PTZ, multi-sensor or high megapixel.

Unfortunately, reality shows that when there is a crowded event where multiple technologies are all competing for the same wireless frequency, or a security disaster, sub-6 GHz wireless networks just don’t perform reliably.

Welcome to the world of fiber-like wireless

The introduction of millimeter wave technology to the security market a few years ago started the evolution, with Point-to-Point (PtP) radios that operate over the unused ocean of mmWave spectrum (60, 70-80 GHz) with a narrow beam that is physically immune to interference. PtP provides multi-gigabit capacity and fortification against cyber-attacks. Millimeter wave is being embraced in multiple environments, from temporary events such as outdoor festivalssporting events, to seaports and remote parking lots to college campuses and smart cities. PtP mmWave is bringing the high-speed and reliable connectivity of fiber to video surveillance networks and Internet of Things sensors for security projects all over the world.

The wireless evolution is now complete

The introduction of new Point-to-Multi-Point (PtMP) solutions operating on the mmWave spectrum has finally arrived. It perfectly complements PtP mmWave solutions, making mmWave technology the ultimate solution for security networks, offering a reliable wireless backhaul streaming HD videos from every source.

With PtMP’s auto-alignment beamforming feature and point and shoot set-up, installation is made simple, and can be a one-person job. Native POE capability makes out-of-the-box power a reality so that deployment of a high-speed video surveillance networks are quick and painless.

Systems integrators who are new to millimeter wave (mmWave) radio installation can install PtMP millimeter wave networks easily and without special training, while bringing the speed, bandwidth capacity and high reliability of millimeter wave (mmWave) technology to projects and customers of all sizes.

Because PtMP millimeter wave uses communication from one radio to multiple radios, it reduces the number of radios required so that projects with cost-conscious budgets can also save on hardware expenses. The 60 GHz spectrum used by PtMP is also license-free.

With mmWave networks, you can forget about losing critical pieces of video that don't get recorded because of a jammed network or malicious intent. Thanks to its fiber quality and wireless flexibility, millimeter wave security networks are an ideal solution for streaming the real picture for your security network, both easily and affordably.

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