I get 800Mbps. Is that fast?

Get 800mbps fast, This pilot program in Cleveland. Now connecting six CMHA public housing properties (including a 155 unit building).

Who would you expect such a reaction from? Probably a rich, techie tycoon, or at the very least a gaming geek? As a vendor that serves many ISP’s, I can testify that only a handful of premium customers get these speeds.

Well, not this time! This was the reaction of a ” Digital Alien” in a Cleveland homeless shelter. On the first day of his digital literacy orientation, he got on the web ( to check the connection speed on the new Connect the Unconnectednetwork recently installed in Cleveland.

This pilot program in Cleveland’s Central neighborhood is now connecting six CMHA public housing properties (including a 155 unit building), a homeless shelter, and a local charter school.

But what really blew my mind, is the way DigitalC is taking an end-to-end approach to fight digital divide: High speed Internet (and yes – 800Mb is damn fast!) is just the start – each family gets a refurbished computer to be able to use the connection, and a training course to learn how to use it!

With Juleian Curtis (CMHA) and the mmWave Gigabit

Lev Gonick (DigitalC) and the in building DSL connections
MultiHaul in Cleavland
Planning with Juleian the next phase of small buildings

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